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bullet Belmont Hills Golf and Country Club
bullet Bermuda Golf Academy and Driving Range
bulletMid Ocean Golf Club
bulletOcean View Golf Club
bullet Port Royal Golf Club
bullet Riddell's Bay Golf and Country Club
bullet Southampton Princess Golf Course
bulletSt. George's Club - Golf Course
bullet Tucker's Point Golf, Beach & Tennis Club
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BGA LogoBermuda Golf Association

Second Floor, Armoury Building, 37 Reid Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 433, Hamilton. New 2003 numbers are phone 295-5772 or fax 295-0304.


Belmont Hills Golf and Country Club

Belmont Golf Course, by Government Information Services97 Middle Road, Warwick Parish, WK 09. Telephone (441) 236-6400 or 236-1301 extension 7951. Fax (441) 236-6867. E-mail  Golf professional: Alex Madeiros.  Check rates directly with course depending on time of day and time of year. Private but will accept off-the-street golfers by prior appointment. Ask about playability on the day you have in mind. Course designed by Deveraux Emmett and first opened for play in 1924.


Bermuda Golf Academy and Driving Range

Off Middle Road, on Industrial Park Road, Southampton Parish SB 04. This not a golf course but something different for Bermuda. It's a pleasant alternative. On a 12 acre site, its hours are 8 am to 10:30 pm., seven days a week. Special lighting offers residents and visitors the chance to get into the swing of things after dark. Facilities include a 40 bay (25 covered), 320 yard driving range, with eight target greens placed from 75 yards to 230 yards out. An automated system tees up golf balls - 90 at a time - as well as cleaning them and removing any of below par quality. The driving range facilities here are appreciably more extensive than the other driving ranges located at three of Bermuda's golf courses.



Off South Road, at the junction with Southcote Road, Paget Parish. Access it via Horizons & Cottages.  A 9 hole par 27 mashie course. For reservations, telephone (441) 236-0048. Tee off times are by reservation only. Guests at Horizons & Cottages have priority but the general public is welcome. There are no carts. Other facilities include tennis courts and a restaurant. 


Mid Ocean Golf Club

Mid Ocean Golf ClubTuckers Town, St. George's Parish. Telephone (441)-293 0330. It was designed originally by Charles Blair MacDonald to fit into the natural terrain. It was a par-71 layout, over 600 acres of rolling countryside, 6,519 yards from the back tees. MacDonald won the first US Amateur Golf Championship in 1895 and later designed the National Golf Course in the USA.  The course first opened in 1922. Ralph A. Kennedy of Mamaroneck, NY, regarded at the time as the "Dr. Livingstone of Golf," rated it one of the five best courses in the world.  Photo: Government Information Services, Bermuda


Ocean View Golf Club

Ocean View Golf2 Barker's Hill Road, Devonshire Parish DV 05. P. O. Box DV 358, Devonshire DV BX. Phones: Office 295-9092 (fax 295-9097); Pro Shop 295-9093; Tee Times 234-4653; Golf Pro 296-3917; Maintenance 236-6758; Restaurant/Bar 295-9069. E-mail

Owned and operated by the Ministry of Works and Engineering, Parks and Housing of the Bermuda Government. Senior officer is the General Manager. A 9 hole par 35 course over 2,819 yards. 


Port Royal Golf CoursePort Royal Golf

5 Middle Road, Southampton Parish, SB 02. Mailing address is P. O. Box SN 189, Southampton, Bermuda SN BX. E-mail It is owned by the Bermuda Government and operated by its Ministry of Works and Engineering. Phones: Office 234 -0974 (fax) 234-3562. Pro Shop 234-0972; Tee Times 234-4653; Golf Pro (fax) 234-3630; Maintenance 234-1182; Restaurant/Bar 234-5037; Tennis Courts 238-9430 or 238-9070.  A Robert Trent Jones 18 hole par 71 course over 6,565 yards. It opened in 1970. It hosts many tournaments. Sunset golf is from 4:00 pm with a reservation.


Riddell's Bay Golf and Country Club

Ridell's Bay GolfRiddell's Bay Road, Warwick Parish WK 04. or P. O. Box WK 236, Warwick, WK BX. Telephone (441) 238-1060 or (441) 238-3225 for starting time. Fax (441) 238-8785. General Manager is Sara Masters. The club opened in 1922. It was the first 18-hole course in Bermuda, originally over 5549 yards and was designed by Deveraux Emmett (who also designed the Congressional Golf Club near Washington, DC).  


Southampton Princess golf course

Southampton Princess GolfSouth Road, Southampton Parish SN 02. For reservations call (441) 238-0446. It is part of and adjacent to the Southampton Princess Hotel complex. An 18 hole par 54,  manageable yet quite challenging course over 2,684 yards. With superb marine and landscape views. Carts are mandatory and included in the green fees. There's a pro shop, tennis courts, bar and restaurant. In 2003, Single Annual Membership is$725; Double Annual Membership is $925 and an Initiation Fee is required. Members get special benefits. 

website: golf

St. George's Golf Club

St. George's Golf1 Park Road, St. George's GE 03. Or e-mail Owned, maintained and operated by the Ministry of Works and Engineering of the  Bermuda Government. North of and near Town of St. George. Not on bus route. Phones: Office 297-8067 (fax 297-2273); Pro Shop 297-8353; Golf Pro 297-3660; Tee Times 234-4653; Maintenance 297-8370; Restaurant/Bar 297-1836. Max Atherden, General Manager. 

A scenic 18 hole par 62 course over 4,043 yards. There is a bar and restaurant, phone (441) 297-1836. Cruise ships pass by. With sunset golf (from 4:00 pm) with a reservation.

This was one of the last designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior prior to his retirement. The 18th hole is named after Bermuda's first Governor, Richard Moore.  One of the greens overlooks historic Fort St. Catherine.


Tucker's Point Golf, Beach & Tennis Club

Castle Harbour Golf(Formerly Castle Harbour Golf Club), Tuckers Town, St. George's Parish, Bermuda HS 02. Telephone (441) 298-6959 for reservations or fax (441) 293-1051. General Manager is Bruce Fraser. Originally designed by Charles Banks and Robert Trent Jones, with later amendments by Californian Algie Pulley, it began as an 18-hole course, but was cut back to 9 holes during World War 2. It became a challenging 18 hole, par 71 course over 6,440 yards with sea views, when it was opened by the Governor of Bermuda in December, 1959. It has a scenic opening hole and incredible views. But with closure of the Castle Harbor hotel, it became 9 holes from January 10, 2000. It was completely re-vamped and reopened in April 2002 as 18 holes again. Of a very high standard, it is a private club for members only, similar to the Mid Ocean Golf Club. A par 70 course.  The re-vamped Tucker's Point Golf, Beach and Tennis Club was formally opened in December 2004.




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